What’s new

My new book is ‘How to Teach Even Better: an evidence based approach’ OUP. It updates Evidence Based Teaching, is shorter, and cheaper.  It looks in detail at how to teach a topic and has hundreds of useful teaching methods that have been shown to work exceptionally well for to you try, or adapt.

The 5th Edition of ‘Teaching Today’ is out.  It has new chapters on Differentiation coping with differences; Equality, Diversity and attainment: your role; Working with others; and Inclusion in context.  It is now published by Oxford University Press in a new large format.

Flipped Learning or the Flipped Classroom is creating interest, but how should you do it? And  is Independent Learning better? Find out here.

Behaviour: Here is a free addtional chapter for Geoff’s new book “Evidence Based Teaching” see the note below. This chapter is on classroom management and discipline and describes the strategies that teachers have made work best in careful experiments. These strategies greatly reduced disruptions, are relatively easy to learn, and raise achievement. They would be a great focus for improvement in your college or in your classroom. Try it out, pass it on! Download the chapter here.

Technology: How can you make best use of Technology in, and out of the classroom? The use of of technology does not guarantee learning. Here is a paper showing how to get the best from e-learning, ILT or ICT. Download e-learning here.

Improving the teaching of others. Over their last two annual conferences about 150 advanced practitioners/teaching mentors have shared the strategy that worked best in their institution to improve teaching. Download their views here.

Seminars on Evidence Based Teaching: When I’m already booked up I recommend that you contact Ian Harris, Oliver Caviglioli and Mike Bell. They offer one day courses and workshops which have been reviewed very positively indeed. Contact them directly for details. oliver.caviglioli@trainvisual.com ian.harris@trainvisual.com or call them on 01277 202812. To contact Mike Bell: mikebell@educationevidence.com www.educationevidence.com

Help with Supported Experiments. Joanne Miles leads sessions on how to manage Supported Experiments in your institution. Google ‘Joanne Miles Sector Training’ for the details. Very useful for managers, run by a real expert. You can contact her at jmilesconsulting@gmail.com or on 07811 378 398.


You are invited to join the Evidence-Based Teachers Network (EBTN) and receive monthly newsletters with evidence-based tips and links to helpful resources. Sign up for free here.

A DVD “The Evidence-based Teacher’s Top Ten Methods”has been created by Mike Bell and Andrej Dethlefsen, you can find out more here. They have also made a free, 15 film, making the case for evidence based teaching here.

Cambridge Regional College has made a lot of use of Geoff’s materials on www.teacherstoolbox.co.uk