What is EBT?

What is “Evidence Based Teaching” about? Teaching is about to embark on a revolution, and like medicine, abandon both custom and practice, and fashions and fads, to become evidence-based.

Half a million experiments in real classrooms have uncovered the teaching methods that work best. These can improve students’ attainment by two grades compared to conventional practice.

The fifty or more methods – some old, some new:

  • can each raise pass rates by 20% to 30%
  • are creative, challenging, and greatly enjoyed by students
  • require the learner to do more in class …. and the teacher less!
  • equip students for progression, by “teaching intelligence”.

The book argues that only teachers can lead the evidence-based revolution, and they must do so at their own pace, using as a guide the ultimate evidence – what works best in their own classrooms.

Teachers have as much to gain as students in meeting this professional challenge. The methods make teaching less draining, and more interesting, as well as more effective.

This book is a road map into this exciting new territory.

For a detailed account of the contents: Contents page for ‘Evidence Based Teaching’