This is a review phase in which you look back over your work in progress.

In the evaluation phase you examine your work for strengths and weaknesses. Then you need to consider how the work could be improved, by removing weaknesses but also by capitalising on its strengths. Then there will probably need to be another perspiration phase to respond positively to the suggestions for improvement. Perspiration and evaluation phases often alternate to form a cycle.

Hardly anyone gets things perfect first time. Creative people adapt to improve.

Many people dislike the evaluation phase at first. However, highly creative people are nearly always inveterate revisors. They tinker with work that would make others gape in delight. Actually this evaluation phase can be very rewarding, and no work of real merit will be produced without it. If Shakespeare and Picasso found they had to revise their efforts, then I expect even you will need to!

Evaluation mindset

In order to improve earlier work you need to be:

  • Critical
  •  Positive
  • Willing to learn.

That is self-critical (ruthlessly so sometimes), but positive about your vision of how the work could be, and your ability to do this. You must see weaknesses as opportunities to improve, and to learn. Instead, people who do not understand the creative process often see criticism as a threat, even their own, and so fail to improve their work, and to learn.