Contents of book

Contents of the Book

If you read the italics sections on the ‘contents’ below the logical structure of the book is made clear.

What is Evidence Based Teaching?

In which we get rational about how to teach, and look at evidence on how we learn.

1. We need evidence-based practice, not custom and practice
2. How We Learn: qualitative research on learning
3. Motivation

What methods work best?

In which we find out what teaching methods work best and how we know this – and that teachers make the difference, not their bosses or policy makers.

4. Effect size studies
5. John Hattie’s table of effect sizes
6.  Marzano’s theory based meta-study
7. Extracting general principles

The top teaching methods

In which we look closely at the best teaching methods, to see how to use them, and what we can learn from them.

8. Feedback
9. Whole class interactive teaching
10. Visual methods and graphic organisers
11. Decisions-decisions
12. Cooperative learning
13. Reciprocal teaching

Seven Principles for evidence based teaching

In which we extract from the research Seven General Principles that seem to explain what makes teaching methods work, and use them to improve our teaching

14. General teaching principles and the Present Apply Review model of a lesson

Choosing and using teaching methods:

In which we look in detail at an ideal plan to teach a topic, looking at alternative teaching methods and how to use them.

15. Feedback through interactive dialogue: the self-correcting classroom
16. Teaching Methods for the ‘Orientation’ phase: setting he scene
17. Methods for the ‘Present’ phase including ‘teaching without talking’ methods
18. Methods for the ‘Apply’ phase
19. Methods that provide Feedback to teacher and students
20. Methods for the ‘Review’ and homework phases

Teaching Intelligence

In which we see that intelligence is a range of skills that can be taught, and consider strategies to teach them.

21. Teaching Intelligence: Analysis and Productive Thinking skills

What do the best teachers schools and colleges do?

In which we see how expert teachers and the best schools get their incredible pass rates.

22 What do the best teachers schools and colleges do?

Your Own Evidence

In which we see how to improve our teaching, and find it’s a bit scary, but fun.

23. Your own evidence: reflection and experimentation

The Rational Curriculum

In which we see what ‘they’ ought to tell us to teach, and find that if we teach it anyway, students do much better. But we find teachers have an awesome responsibility. You create the future.

24. Rational curriculum

Management and leadership

In which we find out how to improve the teaching of others in our team.

25. Management and leadership

And a free chapter:
26.Evidence based discipline and classroom management:
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