In which you work determindedly on your best ideas.

This is where the real work is done. You are involved in determined and persistent effort towards your goal, this will usually involve further ‘inspiration’ ‘distillation’ and ‘clarification’ phases.

Perspiration usually involves a number of drafts separated with clarification and evaluation phases. Uncreative people often accept the first draft as completion. Very creative people often go over and over a piece until it is too their liking. Matisse for example produced over 20 versions of his ‘Pink Nude’. The end result is child like simple, and paradoxically spontanious looking. It is surprising to people who do not understand the creative process that a talented person like Matisse should need so many ‘drafts’. But such strategies are common in very creative people.

Perspiration mindset

In order to bring your ideas to fruition you need to be:

  • Uncritical
  • Enthusiastic
  • Responsive.

You need to be positive and persistent, deeply committed and engaged, and ready to respond positively to any shortcomings. It is common for even very creative people not to make the best of this phase. They are often uncertain and self-critical, and see weaknesses as lack of talent, instead of as a need for more work or a different approach.