Some of the research on this page is school based, some is college based. In general Professor Hattie who is the world expert on this matter has found that if a strategy works in schools it will work about as well in colleges and vice versa, with suitable adaption of course. So don’t be put off research in sectors other than your own too easily.

What does research tell us about what works? Some links…..

Professor Marzano’s summaries of research are exceptionally useful and readable, download the pdf on this link.

John Hattie has identified factors that have a great effect on student achievement, his Visible Learning books are a vital source of information but here is a starter.


A good introduction to the ideas of evidence based practice can be found at:

ERIC is the largest collection of short papers summarising educational research available on the internet. Just type the topic you want information on into the search box:

This is another easy to use searchable resource bank:

The What Works Clearinghouse is an excellent source of research summaries, which they carry out with some rigour:


Some useful academic research reviews are included in the jouurnal Review of Educational Research


Search the research:

General interest:

Cambridge Regional College created a website from Geoff’s materials on

If you want to do your own research you might find BERA helpful: