Differentiation is the process by which differences between learners are accommodated so that all students in a group have the best possible chance of learning. We used to teach subjects and classes – now we teach students.

In the Third Edition of ‘Teaching Today’ Geoff Petty (2004) there is an appendix which summarises differentiation strategies, each of which is explained in detail in the book. The downloads on the Active Learning Page of this website are also very relevant.

The materials that can be downloaded from this page are principally for teacher trainers and staff trainers. Diff making it happen is for managers of teaching teams or senior managers.

These materials are in draft form, and were used for an LSDA Train Trainers project on differentiation involving 75 UK colleges that I delivered with Carole Mitchel. They received very positive feedback, but were used by people trained to use them. Muriel Green devised and managed the project. I include only the materials that I wrote for this project though. Some of these materials have been used by the DFES standards Unit.

There is a lot of material here, consider the poor trees! Don’t print it off without looking at it and ensuring it is useful to you!

See the chapter on differentiation in my Teaching Today chapter 48.