Below is a summary of some of the downloads available from this site. Those for my book ‘Evidence Based Teaching’ can be found here. Downloads in English are given first, those in Romanian then follow.

Downloads in ENGLISH are as follows:

These downloads are about active learning:

These downloads are about teaching skills as well as content:

These downloads are about effective feedback for learners:

These downloads are to you help you self-assess your own teaching:

These are to help managers improve learning and teaching:

These downloads are for trainers to lead sessions on Differentiation, the first download has now been adopted by the DfES Standards Unit (Business Education materials). You may have a copy in your college, it will work for any curriculum area:

These downloads are to help you do Supported Experiments:

Downloads in ROMANIAN are as follows:

I would like to express my very deep gratitude to the following staff of George Cosbuc and Emanuel High Schools in Bucharest who translated these materials. Your generosity is an inspiration to us all!

Paul Bochian, Maria Constantinescu, Miheala Popescu, Elena Radulescu, Livia Rosu, Dana Vazan, Cecilia Lunga . I would also like to thank Simon Parker who has managed the translation process with such rigour and enthusiasm.

These are active learning methods to experiment with: 

Many topics can be taught by matching and grouping cards: 

These are ways for presenting students with new material without teacher talk which is called ‘Teaching Without Talking’: 

To use powerful visual methods: 

These downloads are about the theory of active learning:

  • This shows a modern theory that describes what learning really is: 
  • This shows examples of learning not being just remembering, but being an active meaning making proess. 
  • This shows that high order tasks on Bloom’s taxonomy are required for real understanding: 
  • This shows what happens if you don’t teach students with high order tasks: 
  • This sumarises research on what percentage of a lesson students can recall two days after a teaching method was used: 
  • This shows that Robert a low ability learner can learn almost as well as Susan a highly motivated student if the right methods are used: 
  • This is a model of effective lessons: 

These are games you can play to teach staff about active learning:

  • You can print and cut out these cards, shuffle them, and then ask groups of teachers to match a recall-rate card with the right teaching method card: 
  • Then you can compare the teachers’ ideas with the research, which is summarised in this handout: 

The dangers of setting low level tasks can be explored with this activity for teachers: 

These are about how to give praise and reinforcement: This has a large effect on motivation and quality of learning.