Evidence based teaching (EBT)

“Evidence Based Teaching” follows on where Geoff’s “Teaching Today” left off. It is intended for experienced teachers, and those in the last year of their training. It also helps you to improve the teaching of others in your team, department, school or college. It is obviously helpful for teacher trainers, managers, and others trying to improve learning and teaching. It systematically reviews the evidence for what works, looking at reviews of both qualitative and quantitative evidence, and provides practical strategies based on this.

Here is a free chapter from ‘Evidence Based Teaching’. It reviews the evidence on classroom management and discipline, and points to the strategies that teachers have made work best in controlled experiments.

Download Evidence based discipline and classroom management

How can you make best use of Technology in the classroom? The use of of technology does not guarantee learning. Here is a paper showing how to get strategic about the use of ILT or ICT. Download Evidence Based ICT.