The Little Gods Who Cooled The Earth


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Geoff Petty
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 by Bev Johnson
Another side of my guru

Not my usual Geoff Petty book but one just as informative. Hard hitting and has made me consider my everyday actions and their impact on the environment. It's a must read and one I'll be thinking about for a long time

 by Dennis Sale

A powerful and emerging story that blends crucial facts about the environment that we must address for future survival with the nemesis of our own limitings biases of human cogniton that are inhibitors to good thinking. A novel and grounded book about environmental concerns that gets across the facts through everday human conversations, and demonstrates that solutions are possible with better thinking, human collaboration and sustained focused action.

 by Phillipa Hughes
Brilliantly Written & Researched

So well written - powerfully persuasive and gets the blood pumping with inspiration about the climate crisis, and with such a fab story. A must read for all, but YA's for sure.

 by Brian
The mushroom did it !

A great read which has opened my eyes to the horrors of climate change but with a very positive message that it can be turned around simply if only we will listen. An amazing amount of research has gone into this novel but it never appears too preachy and there is an exciting story line to pull you in to read more.

 by Guy Singh-Watson
we need this book

This book stopped me flying, buying crap and made me review all that I do and to take responsibility for it. A meticulously researched page turner that draws you in, gets under your skin, makes you angry and changes you inside. And a great read

 by Melissa
A Fabulous Read!

'The Little Gods Who Cooled The Earth' was entertaining and educational in equal measure. The science relating to climate change was presented in a way that made it very easy for my non-scientific brain to understand - I came away with a much clearer understanding of the issues we face because the facts were woven into the story in a way that made it easy for me to digest. A thoroughly good read with a very important message at it's core.

 by Geetie
a page turner that could change the world..

was gripped from the start.. the climate crisis expressed through fiction.
with an insight as to what mass migration through land loss could look like. its an eye opener. even a game changer..

 by Dylan
The little gods who cooled he earth

Very readable engaging story, positive message for sustainable change.

 by viv luxton
The Little Gods who cooled the Earth

I was honoured to read the first draft, and although it was some years ago, unlike many other books, this one has remained with me very vividly. Why? because Petty has a way with characters, they become completely alive, one feels one knows them. The relationship of the two sisters is brilliantly described, and he has a way with dialogue.
His interest in the environment is never didactic, but none the less, compelling.
I recommend this very engrossing book.

 by Simon
Fantastic read!

Really enjoyed the book.