Creativity can be learned. Research shows that creative people are not more intelligent than ‘uncreative people’, they just know how to use the creative process better.

Creativity website

The link on this page goes to another one of my sites that deals with creativity in more depth. See also the chapter 24 downloads here, scroll down to find them, where you can find for example a questionnaire for students to find which phases of the creative process they are best at and which they need to develop. Look at the creativity website first though.

There is more on creativity in:

  • ‘Evidence Based Teaching’ Geoff Petty (2006) see chapter 24 and the chapter 24 downloads here
  • ‘Teaching Today’ Geoff Petty, 3rd Ed (2004) see chapter 30
  • There is most in ‘How to be Better at Creativity” Geoffrey Petty (Kogan Page) 1996, but it is out of print. Try